Telecommunications and Copyright: What Alternatives Exist?

No one can question the right of authors to protect the content they have created. Copyright exists because all authors need to receive income based on the products they have made. However, it is tough for many people to afford copyrighted content, and the internet has provided all kinds of alternatives. Here are some of them.

Creative Commons

Creative Commons licenses are widely used in the telecom world. This is because they allow the use of digital content for free, with very few, if any, restrictions. Using all the content in Creative Commons, it is possible to solve different situations that are necessary if there is no budget available.

Generally, Creative Commons licenses are straightforward to register and are identified with three signs. Some of them can only be shared without altering the content, others can be changed, and some can be used for commercial purposes.

Royalty-Free Databases

One of the problems in getting images, audio, and video is that the vast majority of them are protected by copyright, so they cannot be edited or reused for commercial purposes. Because of this, all kinds of royalty-free databases have emerged, allowing access to a lot of non-copyrighted content. Some databases are free, while others require a low subscription fee.

As for images, there are many free online databases. But when it comes to music, there is royalty free music provided by Snapmuse, a database where, after a subscription, it is possible to access thousands of hours of quality audio that can be reused for any audiovisual production.

Streaming Platforms

In full compliance with copyright laws, streaming platforms have turned the audiovisual world upside down and dealt a severe blow to piracy. Now, paying very little every month, it is possible to access a streaming platform with thousands of hours of series, films, documentaries, music, or video games, with great ease, and all in full compliance with copyright.

Indeed, most authors do not obtain a large income by granting permission to the streaming platform to include their content. Still, it is also a way of providing expansion. Piracy has never been at such low levels, and streaming platforms will continue to improve until it is no longer necessary to access pirated content under any circumstances.

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