Telecoms for e-mobility

E-mobility popularity is growing. Environmental awareness is higher than it has ever been which is fuelling the increase in the desire to own electric vehicles. While there has been some concern in the past about the viability of electric vehicles, mostly around the mileage that can be achieved from a full battery, or the lack of places available to charge an electric vehicle while out and about, improvements in technology are now making these concerns much less of an issue.


Telecoms in vehicles is not a new thing. There have been car phones around for a few decades now, but now you can not only make and receive a call, but you can also get text messages, emails and other forms of telecommunications while you are out on the road. It is important to remember to not be checking your phone while driving. While every country has their own laws regarding this, common sense must prevail. If you are doing something that can distract you from the road, stop!

Vehicles with Wi-Fi

If you are looking to get on the e-mobility wagon and ditch the fossil fuel powered vehicles, you might be concerned about losing out on some of the little luxuries you have been used to. Don’t be. Some vehicles these days even come with their own Wi-Fi hotspot connections. This means you can connect to your mobile phone while driving, get the sat nav to talk to you and tell you which direction you need to take to you destination, listen to music streaming sites while on a long drive, or even have the kids connect to it, they can entertain themselves on a long journey with TV shows, films or creating short videos to post online.

E-mobility for everyone

Electric vehicles are not just for the young, or those with a social conscience, they are now appealing to a wide range of people. Car tax is often lower, or free for electric vehicles and the soaring cost of both petrol and diesel are making more people look at the alternatives, the major option is e-mobility. Public transport is also becoming less affordable, trains are getting less reliable and taxis for lone travellers can be a little intimidating. Having an affordable car, with the added convenience of being able to connect quickly and easily to internet services is a must.

If you are in doubt whether an electric vehicle is for you, take one for a test drive!

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