Why Telecommunication Companies Need a Good Intranet System

Whatever field of telecommunications your company specializes in, there is no doubt that the organization will benefit from an effective intranet system. Suppose you are multi-site based or have many employees. In that case, a sound intranet system will make it so much easier to communicate with your workforce from one central site. This enables senior management to keep in touch with their staff at the touch of a button. Any telecom company needs to have an efficient way to disseminate information and instructions to its team. Hence, a reliable intranet system is invaluable. One company able to provide such a service is omniaintranet.com who specialize in custom-built intranet systems.

Why Consider Omnia?

Their online intranet solutions help your company to improve its performance in six specific areas as follows:

  • Collaboration: Improve employee engagement with streamlined cooperation between teams. This will help internal users to communicate seamlessly and so eradicate areas of uncertainty.
  • User Experience: Omnia delivers a world-class user experience designed to enhance and motivate staff and improve efficiency. It is focused, personal, and concentrates on achieving company goals.
  • Knowledge Sharing: As a way of communicating the organization’s aims, targets, and objectives, Omnia systems are second to none. Let your workforce know precisely what is expected of them.
  • Communication: Omnia intranet solves problems arising from internal communications such as remote workers and distant work sites. Every user has access to the same information at the same time. This is vital to convey new instructions or ways of working etc.
  • Governance: This system allows your business to appoint administrators to check the effectiveness of the scheme and root out non-compliance or problem areas within the workplace. These designated administration staff can check the system is working correctly and deal with any problems that may arise.
  • Workplace Integration: Omnia intranet provides staff with the right tools and apps to ensure that tasks are easily achieved. Knowledge bases can be set up together with the provision of online office-based solutions such as storage and word processing. Both external and internal applications can be offered to your staff.


Overall any telecoms company would like to improve internal communication, feedback, knowledge, and training. Omnia provides a vital tool to help such companies improve productivity and employee engagement. Since the world of telecoms is a vast and competitive area to do business in, anything that can give your company an edge is to be welcomed with open arms. The introduction of an intranet system from Omnia could be just the thing you are looking for. In many ways, some would say it is vital to the success of a business in any field. Check out the Omnia website today and arrange for a demonstration or trial; you will not be disappointed.

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