The Birth of Telecommunications

If it wasn’t for Alexander Graham Bell, the telecommunications industry as we now know it would not exist. His invention of the telephone was the catalyst for an interest in this field of study, leading to more and more innovations as the decades have passed.

Invention of the Telephone

The telephone had to undergo a series of complicated processes and other initial inventions before becoming an accurate representation as a method of communication. This all took place in the late 19th century, a period when it is most likely that Alexander Graham Bell had to work by the light of an old-fashioned oil lamp in his workshop. This would undoubtedly have been a difficult task.

Oil Lamp as a Decor Accessory

Today, of course, we have no need for oil lamps and get our illumination from electric sources. However, the lamps can be seen as a decor accessory, and they do give off a somewhat romantic glow. For anybody wishing to recreate this traditional look, a great starting place would be the Royal Design website, where there is a choice of around 40 lamps in many different styles and colors.

Decorating the Hallway

An excellent idea would be to perhaps have a tribute to this early telecommunications era by having a console table in your hallway. You could then have a telephone, and an oil lamp placed upon it to recreate what Alexander Graham Bell would have seen. Royal Design has a wide selection of oil lamps, so there is bound to be one that matches the color scheme of your hallway. Options include black, brown, green, red, and clear glass.

It is difficult to imagine what the world would be like today without that first invention of the telephone. That first conversation led to the telecommunications industry becoming a leader in its own field, constantly reinventing and innovating technology. All thanks to Alexander Graham Bell.

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