How Telecom Businesses Can Leverage Plant Care Apps to Grow Indoor Plants in Offices

There’s no doubt that having indoor plants in offices has a positive effect on the productivity of employees, including telecom business teams. Indoor plants are stress relievers and help employees focus better. What’s more? The greenery of these plants helps workers in the telecom industry replenish their attention capacity.

However, growing indoor plants can be a problem now that professionals in the telecom industry don’t have gardening knowledge. But the good thing is that we have plant care apps, an innovation that helps anyone grow and manage indoor plants without prior gardening knowledge. In this article, find out how these apps work and how telecom businesses can leverage them to ensure that no plant dies.

Intelligent Plant Care

One of the biggest challenges with growing indoor plants is managing the care schedule. Many indoor plants die because of lack of proper and adequate care. Plant care apps, for example Getplanta, have been designed to simplify the plant care process. With this app, teams in the telecommunications business can easily schedule the basic plant care practices, for example, watering, misting, fertilization, etc. Interestingly, telecom teams can set reminders so no plant care schedule will be forgotten.

Identify Any Plant Species

Another great feature that plant care apps have is plant identification. This feature uses a real-time camera to scan and identify any plant species. Once teams in the telecom industry have identified the plant species they have at the office, they are better positioned to take good care of the plant. In addition to identifying the plant species, plant care apps offer users tips on how to take care of the individual plant species.

Light Meter

Lack of adequate light or too much light is among the reasons many indoor plants die. But with plant care apps, such as Getplanta, telecom teams can find out the best lighting conditions for the different plant species in their offices. These apps have light meters which recommend the best lighting conditions for different plant species. This way, telecom teams can place the plants at the most suitable location in their office.

Wrapping Up

While telecom teams may not have adequate knowledge of appropriate plant care, that doesn’t mean that they can’t enjoy the benefits of indoor plants at the office. Plant care apps offer the perfect solution as they are virtual gardening assistants. They provide step-by-step guides on plant care. They will even diagnose any problems with the plants and set a treatment plan. With plant care apps, telecom teams will never kill a plant again!

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