Radio and television

Woman sitting in a car and touch play finger in a auto smart system.

Radio and television

Since the beginning of the 21st century, two important technological gadgets were introduced to the public. Two gadgets that soon invaded our homes and became our main sources for information as well as entertainment. Radio was the first one to penetrate the market. Suddenly, radios were everywhere. Even in cars, as soon as the radio stations started airing around the clock. Radio became the new “thing” everyone was talking about. Who was on, at what time, which radio programmes were the best and who had the best radio voice. Which music should be played, how many radio stations we should have, etc. Radio started a small revolution, and the butterfly effect is what gave us modern society, with internet, Facebook and Instagram.

The revolutionizing TV

The first Television sets started to appear before WWII, and the different fighting powers quickly discovered the propaganda potential of video feeds. People closely followed what was going on, and what the different leaders were saying. Back in those days, only a few chosen people had a TV available, as well as some restaurants and hotels. Hence, people would flock to the nearest place with a TV in order to get their daily dose of information. Since then, the evolution has gone with lightning speed. Within a few years, TV-sets became a norm in European and North-American households, and not long after that around most of the globe. TVs became bigger, first heavier, then lighter and thinner. Now, you have huge televisions spanning more than two meters across, and you can simply put them up on your wall. Radio and television created a revolution in the entertainment industry as well, since the different stars and heroes now could be seen across the planet, without having to travel and hold concerts.

Portable entertainment

When mobile telephones entered the market, most people gave up on radio. By then, we already had CDs, DVDs and MP3s available, so the car radio became the “last man standing”. The Chinese factories started spitting out mobile phones with TVs inside, but they never really caught on until the tablets appeared. Now, you can easily connect your tablet to the internet, download NetFlix or some other TV service, and watch telly where ever you are.

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