Telecom – development of telephones

iStock_000045479746_SmallTelecom – development of telephones

Telecom is short for telecommunications, and this is, in fact, what keeps the world together today. Telecommunications. Basically, this means communication using waves and radio signals. Back in the days, we had to stretch out telephone lines all over the globe in order to reach each other. When the first telephone conversation between Europe and North America found place, it brought with it a technological revolution we are seeing to this day. A technological revolution that has not gone unnoticed by anyone on our planet.

From the first telephone to the smart phones

Telephones have developed with the speed of light since their first appearance in the end of the 19th century. We have come a long way since then, and these days most people even have a smart phone in their pockets. Telecom evolved, the technology behind our communication became better, and now, most things are done wirelessly. Yes, you know, you can pick up your phone and call anyone across the globe within seconds.

Examples of the importance of following development

It is important to pay attention to the global trends when you are producing telephones, just like any other business. Kodak went under because they did not believe in digital photography, and Nokia were about to suffer the same destiny because they could not match their products with the competition. Even though Nokia was, by far, the most popular mobile telephone brand in the 90s, you will hardly find anyone using a Nokia phone today.

A constant and never-ending development

Telecom is developing further, and with the fast advances of internet, we are seeing a huge influx of internet calls being placed. The main point of calling using an internet line, are the costs. It is free. As long as both sides have internet, you can even have video conversations these days. Some mobile operators include so-called IP telephony (internet based calls) when you are calling abroad. This means that your call will go to a server, and from there, using internet lines, to reach the person you are calling. Even if this person is on the other side of the globe, you will end up paying a few cents for the conversation. This is the beauty of telecom in the 21st century.

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