The Internet

The Internet

The biggest thing of our lifetime, the biggest game changer in centuries. Yes, we are talking about the Internet. It has completely taken over the globe since its first steps in the early 90s, and nowadays it seems that every single human being has easy access to this global net of information and entertainment. The Internet is a revolution in itself, and the government has expressed serious worries in regards to the safety online. They are damn right to worry, because the Internet is a complete anarchy, the worst sort of invention the stronger of this world could ever imagine. Anything silly or extremely ignorant you do, might end up on the internet. And once its on the internet, you have no power to control it. No way of completely removing it, no way of affecting it it any way.

iStock_000087614919_SmallThe world is accessible online

This has proven to be very good for the people of some countries, who now have the possibility to confront their leaders whenever times get rough. The Internet has also opened up for the entertainment industry to reach into each and every household around the planet. Yes, now you can watch movies online or download TV-series to bring with you on holiday. You can watch live sports or stand up comedy. Most people just pay for NetFlix, and get access to thousands of movies, TV-series and other media right through their modern Smart-TV! The Internet is not just a revolution, its a life changer. World changer. It has brought us closer together, and opened up endless possibilities for further development in the future. Everything is going digital, thanks to the Internet. Even the governments are going digital, some at least, and letting their people upload bureaucracy through the internet, in stead of running from local council to federal ministries and back. Whole libraries are being copied over into digital form, so that no single book will ever disappear again.

A big contributor to creating jobs

Now, when it comes to the job possibilities, we could write books about the subject. Internet has created jobs. Millions of jobs. Millions of people all working either on, or connected to, the Internet. Thousands are even working freelance from their laptops, where ever they are. They take their job with them, and stay connected with the boss through the internet, while being paid through bank accounts – also over the internet. We live in a globalized world, and it is internet we have to thank for this.

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